MTK Loyalty Program

Mercy Tiara Kits is all about sparking creativity, and freeing you up to document your stories with beautiful on-trend supplies from the brands you love.  We know you love getting curated kits delivered to your door, and we love that you've entrusted us with this task!  As a thank-you for your business, we offer our MTK Loyalty Program:  

  • After purchasing 11 Main Kits at regular price, you will automatically receive a gift certificate for one free Main Kit.
  • There is no need to sign up or opt-in. We will keep track of your orders and notify you when you'll receive your free kit.
  • This applies to Main Kits that are purchased via monthly subscriptions, or through a series of one-time purchases.
  • Purchases do not need to be consecutive to qualify for the loyalty program.  You can skip a month or take some time off, and return to accumulate kits towards your loyalty free kit. Likewise, you can purchase multiple main kits in one month (as supplies allow), and as long as they are all at regular price, they will all count towards the loyalty program.
  • Purchases must be made on the same customer account in order to qualify for the loyalty program.
  • Kits purchased on sale or won through contests, will NOT count towards the loyalty program.