Our Story

Missing the days when 12x12 scrapbooking kits were the rage, I went looking for a 12x12 kit that would meet my scrappy needs today.  There are a few great kits out there, but I wanted something that allowed me to work with a variety of the brands I love, mixing and matching papers and embellishments to give me a truly eclectic box of scrappy supplies.

I also found that I didn't always need a full package of certain embellishments, and I wanted some interesting little bits and bobs to work into my pages. And although shipping is expensive everywhere these days, I wanted a kit that shipped to Canada for a reasonable price.  When I couldn't find a kit that met all these requirements, I decided to start my own kit club!

I hope you enjoy my kits and most importantly, I hope they get you scrapping- documenting your  stories, and exploring your own creativity!