Black Friday Weekend Specials - FAQ

How long is the Black Friday sale?

- The sale runs from 6:00AM AST Friday, November 24 through to 11:59PM AST Monday, November 27th


What is included in the sale?

- You will find BOGO 50% OFF on the Feeling Groovy, Brighter Days, Summer Vibes, and Outdoorsy Collections; 40% OFF Stamp Sets; and 20% OFF Confetti Mixes and Flair Badges. Additionally a $5 CAD shipping discount will be applied to all orders over $50 CAD. 

Can I combine different Collections and still be eligible for BOGO?

- Yes. Absolutely, we encourage that!

How is the BOGO calculated?

- To stretch your savings we’ve paired up Main Kits and Embellishment Add-ons, and Paper Packs and Card stock Add-ons into categories. The savings is calculated on the lowest ticket item in that category. For example: if you have 1 Main Kit and 1 Embellishment Add-on in your cart, the savings will be applied to the Embellishment Add-on. If you have 2 Main Kits and 2 Embellishment Add-ons, the savings will be applied to the 2 Embellishment Add-ons. If you have 2 Main Kits, the savings will be applied to the less expensive Main Kit. 

Will there be any other offers on Cyber Monday?

- For Cyber Monday we will have a Warehouse Grab Bag sale, featuring an assortment of materials from previous kits. Full details and pricing will be announced on Monday.

Can I combine shipping for items purchased on Black Friday Weekend Sale and Cyber Monday?

- All orders will ship on Tuesday, November 28th. If you’ve placed multiple orders we will do our best to combine shipping, and pass along the savings.


Will you be restocking if an item is no longer available?

- We really appreciate your interest in these items, however stock is only while supplies last.