How Our Shop and Kit Club Works

Our Kit Club:

We provide beautiful curated scrapbooking kits with supplies from all your favourite brands, delivered to your door each month.  So you don't have to shop, ordering from multiple places, or worry about running out of scrappy supplies each month.  

Our kits are carefully designed to ease the creative process, and provide many options for crafters of all backgrounds.  We supply a generous serving of patterned papers and embellishments so you can scrap hard each month, and even take some creative risks, knowing there are plenty of supplies in your kit to work with. 

How to Purchase:

Our kits are available as one-time purchases in the category "kits" in the shop menu.  Here you can purchase any of our currently available kits and add-ons.  You can mix and match main kits and add-ons from multiple releases if they are available. Once a kit is sold-out, it will not be restocked.

If you would like to receive kits automatically each month (and be guaranteed your kit), you can subscribe to any of our monthly kits and add-ons.  You will find this option in the category "monthly subscription kits" in the shop menu.  There are separate subscription options for the main kit, and all add-ons.  You can subscribe to just the main kit, or the main kit and any of the add-ons, and be guaranteed to get those items each month. 

Our Monthly Subscription Release Cycle:

Each month on the 1st of the month, a new kit and series of add-ons is released.  Monthly Subscribers will get a sneak peek at these offerings 4 days prior to release via email. Subscribers who want to add to their monthly box will reply to the email, indicating which items they'd like added to their order (in addition to their regular monthly subscriptions). On the 1st any remaining kits and add-ons will be listed in the shop for one-time purchasers, and to new subscribers. Kits start to ship on the 1st, and should be in your hands in no time.

Subscribing Between Releases:

You don't have to wait until the 1st of the month to subscribe to our monthly kits.  If you subscribe prior to release, if kits are available, your subscription will start with the currently available kit (from the last release), and then will renew again for the next kit on the 1st. Please be aware that this might mean you get two kits very close together. 

Purchasing Other Products:

We also offer a small selection of products for individual purchase such as confetti mixes, adhesive, and tools.  Please check these categories often as our offerings will vary from month to month.

Shipping Options:

Because our kits come in 13x13 inch boxes, shipping options are limited, but we provide as many options as we can, and allow you to choose your own shipping options at check out.  We also offer a holding service where we will hold onto your purchases across two or more releases to allow for combined shipping. Many of our international customers find this option helpful for offsetting the cost of international shipping. Please email us before purchasing if you are interested in this service. For local customers we offer local pick-up.


As a small Canadian business we run on a small profit margin so we are not able to offer discounts or sales very often.  Please check out our loyalty program which rewards you with free kits for purchase and be sure you are on our email list, as any occasional sales will be announced via email.